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DS1200 tire debeader


Our debeader has water cooling system and the locking device,which guarantees the top efficiency of the debeading process.


Our DS1200 tire debeader is designed to pull out the tire bead wire from the tire.It can handle the car tires and the truck tires,which are not bigger than D1200mm.We equip the tire debeader with automatic water cooling system as well as the locking device,which guarantees the pulling process be very smooth and you can run the tire debeader for 24 hours continuously.WIth the locking device,sometimes you will meet the tires having broken bead wire,our DS1200 tire debeader still can handle this situation and pull out the bead wire successfully.

The hook cover is made of high quality wear-resistant steel so it will not wearing off during the pulling process.

The hook is the most important part of our tire debeader so we make it of high quality forging steel to make sure it strong enough for any situation.


All the water cooling system and the hydraulci station are placed inside the pulling machine so DS1200 tire debeader looks very compacted and conveniently to move.We install the tire debeader with all kinds of necessary protecting covers so it is very safe for your workers to operate it.


All the wearing parts will have one year warranty period.


Serial No.Major motor powerHydraulic cylinder strokeSuitable tiresDrawing powerTotal weightOverall dimensions
DS120015kw1500mmLess than D1200mm15MT1850kg4.5m*0.85m*1.5m

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