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DS1200 Rasper


We make the shredding knives of DC53(Daido,Japan),SKH10,M2,M42 or top level material,like powder high-speed steel,such as APS30.

Our all new tire rasper is the ultimate machine for mid-stream grinding and steel wire separation.


It is especially designed to take pre-shredded tire chips from the whole tire shredder and produce rubber granule between 10-30 mm,which is wire free.

The tire rasper or grater can process up to 6 tons of input per hour.

The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the durability and longevity of the cutting chamber.

 Another unique feature of the tire rasper or grater is the ability to turn over the fixed knives once before having to send them to be sharpened or replaced, which is minimizing operating costs of knives.

The tire grater/rasper takes the rubber chips(50-75mm) from tire shredder machine and reduces them to 10mm-30mm. Meanwhile, 99.9% of the steel wire contained by the tire chips has been stripped and removed by magnetic steel wire separating belt as the rubber granule is transported to the vibratory conveyor for separation.

For rubber granules produced by the tire rasper, steel free,it will be sent via conveyor to the Granulators for further processing.



Serial No.Major motor(kw)            Shredding chamber(mm)           Overall dimentions(mm)

            Total weight


Hopper opening



Input material size(mm) 

Output material size(mm)    
DS60045L600W450 L1400W1200H2200 8500 L1400W1200H2300300-500L50W5010-30
DS80055L800W450 L1700W1700H2300 12500 L1700W1700H2300500-800L50W50 10-30
DS800P75L800W550 L2000W2000H4100 15000 L2000W2000H4100800-1000L50W50 10-30
DS100090L1000W550 L2100W2100H4100 16500 L2100W2100H43001000-1500L50W50 10-30
DS1200132L1200W750 L2100W2200H4300 18500 L2150W2150H44001500-2500L50W50 10-30
DS1400160L1400W750 L2500W2200H4500 20500 L2300W2300H44002000-3000L50W50 10-30
DS1600200L1600W800 L3100W2200H4800 22000 L2400W2400H44003000-4000L50W50 10-30
DS1800250L1800W850 L3500W2200H4800 23500 L2600W2600H45004000-5000L50W50 10-30
DS2000280L2000W850 L6200W2300H5400 25000 L2750W2750H48005000-6000L50W50 10-30
DS2200315L2200W900 L6500W2300H5600 26000 L2900W2900H51006000-8000L50W50 10-30

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