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Grinding disc


We supply you the best quality grinding discs that we designed especially for our DS260 grinders.

The grinding discs are wearing parts and you will need to replace them regularly and when you do,we are your best choice.


 We make the grinding disc of high quality tungsten steel which can guarantee that the grinding discs will have a good performance during daily operation.

And our grinding discs have their own water cooling system inside them which can make sure that the temperature of the rubber powder will always stay cool.

The temperature of the rubber powder will never above 80 degrees when the grinder pulverize it,which is the most important thing to keep the rubber powder of good quality.


Normally,the grinding disc will need to be resharpened after each 60 working days(based on 8 hours/day and it also depends on what kind of rubber you feed the grinders)then you will need to resharpen it for next cycle.

Each grinding disc can be resharpened for 8 to 10 times.

It is necessary for your workers to check the grinding discs regularly.If they are not sharp then they need to resharpen in time,otherwise,the service life will be shorter.

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