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the leading exporter of waste tire recycling and Reclaiming machinery from China.

Tire-oil pyrolysis system


This tire-oil pyrolysis production line is designed and developed by our own engineers.We made lots of advantages from the old type and now it is high efficient,non-pollution and energy saving.
The whole system is totally closed and we can supply you the semi-automatic or full automatic system which is according to your demand.
For waste tires,you can get 38% to 42% of oil,40% of superfine carbon black and around 10% steel wires.You also can use our pyrolysis production line to recycle waste plastic and other kinds of resin.


1. Reactor
Our reactor is made by high quality boiler steel plate or the even better 304 stainless steel plate according to your demand.The thickness is between 12mm to 16mm.The reactor is bent into perfect circle which will make sure that the reactor can turn very smoothly without any vibration.All the welding job will be finished by the automatic welding machine and all the pieces of the reactor should be welded from inside and outside to make sure there is no leaking point on the reactor body.If you have higher requirements,we even can equip the reactor with internal cooling system which can make the cooling process be extremely quick.We adopt special construction for the door of the reactor which can be opened or closed very easily at any position and the sealing function is also perfect.
2. Distilling tower
We adopt the distilling tower construction to remove the dust from the oil vapor.Our distilling tower can remove the dust from the oil vapor with high efficiency meanwhile,it is heated by the heat-transfer oil to keep the temperature inside the tower just above the liquefaction point of the oil vapor so that there will be no oil vapor turn into liquid inside the distilling tower.All the oil vapor will go to the major condenser to transform into liquid oil.We cover the inside surface of the distilling tower with special material to make it smooth like mirror so that there will be no greasy filth sticking to the surface.
3. Pre-condenser and Major condenser
Our engineers calculate precisely for the heat-interchanging area to make sure it is just perfectly adequate for turning the oil vapor into liquid oil but not make the oil too cold which is not good for the quality of the oil.All the cooling pipes inside the condenser are made of high quality seamless steel pipe so it guarantees that the pipes will never have leaking point during its long serving-time.We also adopt two-stage convensation which means the pre-condenser will cool down the oil vapor to a certain temperature point then the major condenser will turn the oil vapor into liquid oil and cool it down till 28 degrees approximately,which is the best point for the quality of the oil.
4. High efficient furnace
We developed our own furnace construction which has both high efficient heating capacity and cooling efficiency.With our furnace,you can get the oil from the rubber just within two and half hours since you start to heat the reactor and you also can cool down the reactor below 120 degrees within only four and half hours.All the figures are from our practical production process.Our furnace will not heat the reactor directly which means the flame will never touch the steel plate of the reactor.In this way,the reactor will have a much longer serving-life span.Meanwhile,it will heat the reactor perfectly symmetrically so the rubber inside the reactor will turn into oil vapor very well.With our furnace,each circle will just need less than 15 hours.
5. Rubber syngas collecting system
We have developed our own rubber syngas collecting system which can store the extra syngas that is too much for the heating process of single cycle.You can burn the extra syngas during the next cycle.In this way,it saves much energy as well as your cost of fuel for heating the reactor.
6. Fully automatic feeding and discharging system
We can offer the best quality automatic system for feeding and discharging process.According to our practical figures,for each 4 hours, we will feed the reactor with 2.5MT tire blocks and it will take around 30 minutes;After 4 or 6 feeding processes,we will discharge the carbon black and the steel wire,which will take around 40 to 60 minutes.So in total,you will be able to handle 15MT tires every 24hours,which will give you around 6MT high quality tire-oil.



Part Name

Descriptions for the components


Major reactor

1)     Reactor body: one set;

2)     Total weight: 10MT;

3)     Dimensions of the reactor: L7300mm×D2200mm;

4)     Processing capacity of the reactor:10MT of waste tires;

5)     Rotating connector: one set;

6)     Major driving motor with frequency inverter: one set;11kw;

7)     Major reducer: one set;


Distilling tower

1)     Distilling tower body: one set;

2)     Electric heating rod: 4 sets;

3)     Dust collector with ceramic medium: two sets;

4)     Oil heating system: one set;

The temperature inside the distilling tower will always stay above the liquefaction point of the oil vapor so there will be no liquid oil inside the dust collecting box during the whole process;


Dust collecting box

1)     Dust collecting box: one set;



1)     Condenser body: one set;

2)     Cooling seamless steel pipes: 30 pieces;

3)     Diameter of the pipe: D76mm;

4)     Dimensions of the pre-condenser: L1200mm×D800mm;


Major condenser

1)     Condenser body: one set;

2)     Cooling seamless steel pipes: 30 pieces;

3)     Diameter of the pipe:D76mm;

4)     Dimensions of the major condenser: L6000mm×D700mm;


Water seal

1)     Water seal body: one set;

2)     Dimensions of the water seal: W1200mm×H2200mm;

3)     With water cooling system for the syngas which is entering the water seal;


Oil tank

1)     Oil tank body: one set;

2)     Dimensions of the oil tank: L3500mm×D1500mm;


Rubber syngas collecting system

1)     Major body supporter: one set;

2)     Inside body: one set;

3)     Outside body: one set;

4)     Dimensions:L2260mm×W2260mm×H5600mm;


Smoke exhausting system

1)     Smoking exhausting system: one set;

2)     Major exhausting motor: one set;11kw;

3)     Recycling water cooling system for the smoke: one set;

Keep the smoke below 60 degrees before it comes into the exhausting motor,which can protect the motor;


Fully automatic feeding and discharging system

1)     Feeding system: one set;

2)     Discharging system: one set;

Raw material for building the furnace



1)     Weight of the firebrick: 4kg/piece;

2)     Thermostability of the firebrick: above 1500 degrees;

3)     Necessary quantity of the firebrick: 5500 pieces,roughly;


Gas burning guns

1)     Gas burning guns: seven sets;

2)     Protector for gas burning guns: seven sets;

3)     Gasifying device for the liquefied gas(if necessary)


Other raw material for the furnace

Including furnace cement;

Mixed densit for the reactor cover;

Ceramic fiber;


Electric controlling system

1)     Frequency inverter for induced draft fan;

2)     Frequency inverter for high-pressure draft fan;

3)     Electric controlling cabinet;

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